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Texas A&M Athletics Charity Philosophy

Overall Philosophy
Texas A&M Athletics will accommodate a predetermined number of charitable requests each year. The Athletic Department will provide a limited number of items from each sport and each request will be evaluated once it has been cleared through the Athletics Compliance Office. Each organization will be limited to one item per year. Aggie Athletics will provide items to non-profit and educational organizations, but will not provide items to individuals. Due to the high volume of requests, we limit our fulfillments to organizations within the State of Texas or with a direct affiliation to Texas A&M University. Organizations will also be limited to one item per fiscal year.

Autograph Item Policy
A limited number of autographed items will be provided from each sport. Once the Compliance Office has cleared your request, you will be contacted regarding payment. Your organization will be charged for the actual price of the item, tax, and the shipping costs. Only items autographed by coaches will be provided, no player-autographed items will be available. Any items sent or dropped off to the school for signature will be sent back without an autograph. At the discretion of each head coach, autograph days will be arranged for the general public to obtain autographs.

Ticket Requests
Group ticket rates are available for purchase through the ticket office (, but no tickets will be donated for organizations to auction.

Team Posters
Team posters can be picked up at athletic events. During the week, posters will be available at the Ticket Offices located at Reed Arena and the North endzone of Kyle Field. You may have posters shipped to you for $3.75 each via

How to make a donation request
Completely fill out the form below. You will be notified in at least two weeks if your request will be processed.

Requests for Publicity/Fund raising at Athletic Events
The Texas A&M Athletics Charity Committee will review requests of this nature from Charitable Organizations and individuals in June of each year for the upcoming school year and in November for the upcoming calendar year. All requests for August through December events must be made before June 1st and requests for January through June events must be made before November 1st.

Texas A&M Athletics Charity Request Rules

Charitable Request Guidelines:

Requests made to Texas A&M Athletics for donations of items, funds, autographs or personal appearances by Athletic staff to help raise money must comply with NCAA rules. An institution that fails to comply with those rules could face significant penalties. For that reason, review the following guidelines because Texas A&M Athletics may satisfy a request only if it meets all of the following:

1. The funds raised through the donation or personal appearance requested for your event must NOT benefit:

a. Any particular prospective student-athlete* or current student-athlete
b. Parents/legal guardians or relatives of prospective or current student-athletes
c. Any boys basketball program or individual/organization associated with a boys' basketball prospective student-athlete**
d. Any educational institution or athletic organization comprised in part or entirely of prospective student-athletes (for example, it would not be permissible for Texas A&M to donate to a high school, but it would be permissible to donate to an elementary school because the elementary school does not include prospective student-athletes)
e. Teachers of, coaches of, or individuals associated with prospective student-athletes
f. Other organizations that include only young people defined by the NCAA as prospective student-athletes (for example, a high school church youth group) OR
g. A scholarship fund to allow a student to attend a university or college of his/her choice (note: this would not include A&M Club scholarships where the recipient is restricted to use of funds at Texas A&M only)

2. The requesting organization is not:

a. A high school, preparatory schools, junior college, or other youth athletics organization that include prospective student-athletes
b. Other organization that include only prospective student-athlete and/or their parents, coaches, teachers, or other persons responsible for leading activities in which prospects are involved OR
c. A commercial or for-profit organization

3. The request for donation must be made in conjunction with your organization's regular fund-raising activities

4. No item may include only one student-athlete's name, picture or likeness (for example, it would be permissible to sell a jersey with no name affixed to its back if it had the autographs of two or more student-athletes on it; it would not be permissible to sell, name on jersey, name or likeness on a bobble-head doll)

5. Items donated by Texas A&M Athletics will be used only in the manner specified in the request submitted; they will not be used in another way (for example, a request satisfied for an elementary school fundraiser will not be used for the benefit of the high school football team)

If you have questions about these rules and their applicability to your request, contact Texas A&M Athletic Compliance at 979-845-1904 or

*The definition of a prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade and is yet to begin full-time enrollment at a four-year collegiate institution.

** The definition of an "individual associated with a prospect" is any person who maintains (or directs others to maintain) contact with the prospective student-athlete, the prospective student-athlete's relatives or legal guardians, or coaches at any point during the prospective student-athlete's participation in basketball, and whose contact is directly or indirectly related to the prospective student-athlete's:

a. Athletic skills and abilities; or
b. Recruitment by or enrollment in an NCAA institution.

This definition includes, but is not limited to, parents, legal guardians, handlers, personal trainers and coaches.  An individual who meets the definition of an individual associated with a prospect retains that status during the enrollment of the prospect at an institution.

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